The Carbuncle Cafe

Welcome to the Carbuncle Cafe, the place to relax, read and practice the art of being an Arcanist!

Located in;
Server: Lich
Address: Mist Ward 5, Subdivision. Plot 59.
Closest Aetheryte: Mist Southwest Subdivision.


The Staff has the right to remove you from the venue if you've been disrupting people and or have been making it difficult for them to either roleplay or feel comfortable.This is a environment where people should feel relaxed and not on their guard.
Which means drama is not welcomed here.Please feel free to come to the Staff with any problems if someone is being disruptive or unruly outside of Party Chat or not asking you consent for the action they're about to do. Comfort is a high priority and the Cafe is meant for people to relax at. Respect each other.- Nonetheless, should any harassment take place Out of Character (OoCly), please do report to either the staff or the owner of the Venue. This behavior will not be accepted, but we will need proper logs.
This can be done either through /tell or through Discord, whichever you prefer.
This should go without saying, but the upper floors of the Venue/house are not for public access. Please respect the wishes of the owner of the Venue in regards to this. There is nothing up there that relates to the bottom and main floor, which are the Cafe floors.While it should go without saying, there are NO "Spicy" books in the bookcases downstairs. This is not a place to find any of these materials and it is a PG-13 Venue. Go somewhere else if you expect that kind of thing from us. Please keep it Safe For Work.If with a predetermined group, it is recommended to use a party. We're not forcing you, but it is a common kindness to do so if you notice you're taking up a lot of space in the text channels of the game! Please keep others in mind, and don't be too loud.The Carbuncles do not like if you're a loudmouth.
Do not feed any of the Carbuncles that walk around. No matter how adorable it's eyes may be, don't give in.

Currently a placeholder, please look forward to it.